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Vinyl Fence Construction

Vinyl fencing is a great solution for privacy fencing or decorative fencing for your property.  It’s highly durable and is designed to also be maintenance free.  It’s never going to rust or rot and you will never have to paint or stain it either.  Vinyl fencing products are made with a high concentration of UV inhibitors in their outer layers that protect them from fading.

Whether you’re trying to get some privacy from your neighbors or you want to keep your kids or pets within your yard you’ll find that vinyl fencing makes a great solution.  Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of styles and heights to provide the looks, security and privacy you need on all types of properties.

Since 1957, Cen-Tex Fence has been a trusted, locally owned, and operated, fence building company in Texas.  We specialize in building all types of vinyl fences along with the installation of finishing accessories like post caps, and fence tops in a variety of styles to make your fence look great!  For a consultation or estimate regarding your specific vinyl fencing project, please give us a call at (254) 778-7019 or fill out our contact form so we can schedule a convenient time to meet with you and provide you with some solutions for your property.

Vinyl Fence Types We Can Install:

  • Vinyl privacy fencing
  • Vinyl semi-private fencing
  • Vinyl picket fencing
  • Vinyl post & rail fencing
  • Vinyl pool fencing

We Can Install Vinyl Fencing For:

  • Private homeowners
  • Private estates
  • Condos, townhomes, and HOA’s
  • Commercial properties
  • Farms, ranches, and equestrian properties

Choose Cen-Tex For Your Vinyl Fencing Needs

Cen-Tex Fence has been helping our customers improve the look, security, and privacy of their properties in the Temple and Belton Texas areas since 1957.  We’ve installed thousands of miles of vinyl fencing in that time and we’ve built up a rock-solid reputation in the community for the quality of our work and the great service we’ve provided our clients for decades.

During our consultation with you we can discuss your specific property, what your privacy goals are, what type of vinyl fencing might be best for your budget, and then we can provide you with an estimate to build the new vinyl fence turn-key.  You won’t have to lift a finger except to call us out for your initial consultation.

If you want to schedule your consultation for a vinyl fence installation please give us a call (254) 778-7019 or fill out our online form and we can get right back to you.

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