Fencing Company Serving Salado Texas

Fencing Company Salado Texas

Professional contractors are the best choice for new or renovated fences because they can meet your design expectations, offer high-quality workmanship, and stay within your budget. At Cen-Tex Fence, we manage your entire project, from acquiring permits to layout and construction.

We’ve been a trusted contractor in Texas since 1957, and have helped build the Salado community by remaining locally owned and operated. If you’re looking to schedule a consultation and estimate, give us a call at (254) 778-7019 or fill out our contact form. Our team is ready to answer your questions, develop a plan of action, and help you move forward with your fencing project.

Fencing Services We Offer in Salado

For residential, commercial and industrial properties, we provide a variety of services based on what type of fence you’re looking to build. Some of the most popular designs include:

With multiple material, style and color options available, it may seem overwhelming to pick the right design for your home or business. At Cen-Tex Fence, our professional team will work with you to identify the details you’re looking for, propose alternative solutions, and provide budget estimates for the fence that works best for your property.

How a New Fence or Gate Improves Your Property

Is your fence showing its age, missing any sections, or falling apart? A poor looking fence, or no fence at all, can hurt the appeal of your property. Although it might seem like another added expense, the long-term benefits of a new fence include improving the value of your property, providing privacy or security, and making it more welcoming to guests and neighbors.

Adding Value to Your Home or Business

A beautiful, strong and well-built fence can do more than improve the look of your residential or commercial property. By showing your commitment to ownership and maintenance of the outside of your property, you inherently boost the inside value of your home or building to prospective buyers.

Keep Exclusive Events Private

While your fence line provides a noticeable divide between your property and your neighbor’s, it also provides a layer of privacy. By building a new fence, you and your neighbors can enjoy your outdoor living spaces without bothering one another.

Deter Burglars and Criminals

A damaged or broken fence is an invitation for burglars to enter your property. By repairing or replacing your fence and gate, you can improve security, protect your assets, and keep your business or family safe from criminal activity.

Cen-Tex Fence: Trusted in Texas

Cen-Tex Fence has built high-quality fences and gates in Salado and other communities in Texas. We have the local professionals and contractors to manage your project and help you get the fence that your home or business needs. For a quick consultation or estimate, call us at (254) 778-7019 or fill out our contact form.

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