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With the number of options available for new fences and gates in Jarrell, Texas, it can take a long time to settle on a design that’s going to work best for your property. At Cen-Tex Fence, we can help simplify the process by identifying what styles are most popular, what will be the most secure, or provide the most privacy, what finishes work best with the aesthetics of your home or building, and which materials and labor services fit within your budget.

Cen-Tex Fence is locally owned and operated in the great state of Texas and serving the Jarrell area.  For a quick consultation and estimate, please give us a call (254) 778-7019. If you’d like to schedule a more convenient time, fill out our contact form and our team will get back to you.

Fencing Services We Offer in Jarrell

We have a variety of high-quality services for custom residential fencing projects, security upgrades for commercial properties, and privacy considerations for industrial buildings. Some of our designs include:

Our designs can be customized to include painting or staining to match existing aesthetics and landscaping. Applying protective finishes to your fence will add durability, defend against insects, and reduce the wear from the environment so that you can enjoy your fence for years.

What You Can Do Before Building a New Fence

Before settling on designs, choosing materials, or breaking ground, there are a few things you can do to stay organized and efficient. While our professionals can manage all of the documentation necessary for new fence builds, understanding the planning involved can help you get the most out of your investment.

Identify Your Needs

While your neighbor’s fence might look great, other factors can influence what design is best for your property. Innovative locks for security gates, safety barriers around swimming pools, or noise reduction beside high traffic areas can add value to your investment while making your home or business safer and more comfortable.  Do you need a fence to contain your dogs?  Or do you need a fence and gate system that can control access to a busy commercial property?  We have solutions for all of your fencing and gate problems.

Have Your Property Surveyed

The primary purpose of surveys is to identify property lines between neighbors. Hiring a surveyor is an inexpensive way to prevent disputes, lawsuits and fines regarding whose property your new fence is built on.  Its not uncommon for a professional fencing company to ask for this.

Identify Utilities Before You Dig

Texas811 provides you with property details of what lies underground. Having a professional mark gas and power lines will ensure that damage won’t be caused to utility lines while installing fence posts and workers will remain safe.

Cen-Tex Fence: Gate and Fencing Services in Texas

A new fence can add character to your home, modernize the aesthetics, and provide value to your property. Since 1957, Cen-Tex Fence has been a trusted fence and gate specialist for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Jarrell and throughout Texas.

Call us today at (254) 778-7019 or fill out our contact form for a quick consultation and custom estimate for your project. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have, discuss design details, and help you move forward with improving your property.

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